PopCorn Sales Info

It’s Popcorn time! 


It’s the scouts’ once a year fundraiser “Selling Popcorn.” 


This is not mandatory, but the fundraiser enables our Pack 446 Scout program to remain strong for the scouts and economical for parents.  There are some exciting changes to the program this year, so please make sure to read through the attachments (as presented at our last Pack meeting).  


We will continue our popular and exciting Pack incentive program this year to motivate and reward scouts with prizes that benefit their scouting experience.  In addition, as in prior years, if your scout sells $600 or more, he will earn a waiver from spring dues in January.  Plus, scouts learn skills in sales & marketing and cash handling.  Thank you!
There are now 2 easy ways to sell popcorn:


1.  Show & Sell:  Dates/slots available starting in September.  This type of sale has the scout at a prearranged local business selling the popcorn immediately for consumption by the customer.  We will publish a new sign up genius for slots once they are finalized.


2.  Scout sales accounts directly through Trails End:  New this year, each scout who wants to sell popcorn will need to register an account at www.trails-end.com (note that it’s a new platform, so you must re-register this year).  Your account home page will mimic Go-Fund-Me account where Scouts can customize their home page, track goal progress, tell their Scout story, etc.  

3. Door to door Wagon sales: The Pack has added a new option. We can supply the scout(s) with a variety of merchandise to load a wagon and borrow out a square card reader to allow for credit card acceptance. These sales will still count for each scouts goals through Trails End


And yes, there’s an App for that! Use the app to take digital take-orders too!  This paperless process is much more efficient and environmentally friendly.


All Take-orders (use the App!!) are due in early November, with product distribution in early December.  Please note that orders will be due on your scout account you created through Trails End.  We highly encourage the use of this new APP to help save you time turning in your materials.  However, if you’d rather use the paper popcorn forms, we will still accept them as well.  More forms will be available at the next pack meeting if your den leader doesn’t have or runs out of them.