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Cub Scouts! Do Your Best! Do Your Best!

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Thank you for coming to our website, if you have a quick question that you were not able to find here please feel free to reach out to Cub Scout Pack 446:

Recruitment Chair Victoria Tran

Committee Chair Terryl Winter

Cubmaster Jerry Restrepo

Covid-19 Info

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates 

The leadership of the Bay Area Council (BAC) has the health and safety of all Scouts, their families, staff, and the public as its highest priority and concern. Since March 2020, the BAC COVID-19 Risk Assessment Team has monitored the pandemic and CDC protocols to determine how BAC should operate during this pandemic. This document provides the current COVID protocols for all BAC Scouting activities (both in-person meetings and camping) as of June 28, 2021, until further notice.

Camp Karankawa (Camp K) Outdoor Protocols. While attending Camp K outdoors, masks are not mandated. All participants are encouraged to maintain safe distancing. Hand washing is encouraged, and hand sanitizers are to be available and placed for both participant and staff use. When outdoor activities places participants within two arms-length of each other, masks should be worn. (An example is use of the shooting ranges.) Masks should not be worn in the swimming pool.

Camp Karankawa Indoor Protocols. While attending Camp K and indoors, all participants are required to wear masks. If the participants are eating or drinking masks may be removed until finished eating and/or drinking. This does not mean that one can simply walk around holding a drink and not wearing a mask. Masks are also not required if participants are distanced 6+ feet apart. Hand washing is encouraged, and hand sanitizers are to be available and placed for both participant and staff use.  

In-person Meetings.  While meeting at indoor in-person activities in BAC, all participates are required to wear a mask. If the participants are eating or drinking, then masks are allowed to be removed until finished eating and/or drinking. This does not mean that one can simply walk around holding a drink and not wearing a mask. Masks are also not required if participants are distanced 6+ feet apart. Hand washing is encouraged, and hand sanitizers are to be available and placed for both participant and staff use.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Charlie Tinsley or Kelly Meacham. Both may be reached at 409-744-6206.

Recruitment 2021

Pease join us at the following recruitment events coming up for Pack 446:

  • August 26th 6:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M. Silvercrest Elementary “Meet the Teacher” night.

Pack 446 will have a manned table with leaders and scouts to help you answer any and all questions you may have regarding scouting. We will also have a computer available to assist you in registering your scout on the spot.

  • August 28th 10:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. Silvercrest Elementary Parking lot “3rd Annual Bike Rodeo

Come out with you scout and bikes as we will have our 3rd annual Bike Rodeo. We will go over proper safe bike riding rules to follow. We will also have a local bike shop on site to help us go over and make sure that the bikes are in tip top working order. Please make sure to bring your bike and helmet and any other safety gear you feel your scout may need. Also don’t forget to bring a bottle water.

  • September 15th 7/00 – 8:00 P.M. Silvercrest Bus Circle “Rally Night”

Please let all your friends and neighbors who are interested in scouting know. We will have a couple of displays set up so everyone can see what scouting is all about. We will also be answering all questions that new parents may have about scouting. We are asking for Webelos & AOL scouts to please come in your Class A’s to help answer any questions that new kids or parents may have.

  • September 19th 12:00 P.M. Southwyck Park “Den Formation/Bobcat in the Park”

This is where we gather all of our new scouts that have joined over the summer and introduce them to the Pack and their new den. We will also have current scout on site to assit the new scouts in earning their first badge, their Bobcat Badge. Don’t worry all it entails is going over the scout oath and law, trust me they will enjoy it. Also while the scouts are with the older scouts the leaders will take the opportunity to go over the scouting basics and answer any and all questions that you as a parent may have.


Of course you got questions, and hopefully we can get you the answers you need. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get:

  1. What uniform and handbook will we need, and where do I get them?

Pack 446 has two uniforms that are used for meetings. The Class A which is a buttoned shirt with patches and badges signifying the scouts rank used for pack meetings and occasional den meetings. These are available for sale at the local scout shops. The Class B is a red t-shirt provided by the pack upon initial registration. We can only provide one so we recommend you get a size up to allow for your scout to grow into them. Also, the handbook is provided with your yearly dues, as they “rank up”. The Pack will provide each scout with his/her book for each year.

2. What is a Pack and what is a Den?

The Pack is made up of multiple dens. Cub scouts and their families come together to a pack meeting to engage in fun activities and to recognize the youth for that months achievements. A den is a small group based on grade level and gender, called a Den. Parents in your Den work together to meet two to three times a month to work on Cub Scout activities. Ideally two parent volunteers become the Den Leader and Asst. Den leader. They coordinate meetings and use the den leader plans to deliver the Cub Scout program.

3. What is rank advancement and how does it work?

Each Cub Scout level is known as a rank and has an animal or symbol associated with it. Advancements refer to the completion of the required adventures in their respective handbook. Most adventure activities will be worked on as a den, but some may/wil be worked on as a family. Once all required activities are completed the youth will earn an adventure belt loop. After earning a number of adventures and completing other requirements they will be awarded their rank badge. This badge gets sewn on their Class A’s

4. Who is Akela?

Ákela is the Cub Scout term for Leader. At home YOU are Akela. At Den meetings the Den Leader is Akela and the Cubmaster serves as Akela during Pack Meetings. All who serve as Akelas have a responsibility to the entire Pack that they and the youth in their Pack and/or Den act In accordance with the scout oath and law.

5. Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes, we realize that sometime the want is there but the financial hurdle may be challenging. As an organization we do not want to see ANY child miss out on the wonderful opportunities that scouting can offer. If your family is finding it difficult to meet scoutings financial obligations please feel free to reach out to the Treasurer at or the Pack Secretary at Any and all information will be held in confidentiality. The only concern we have is to make sure no child is denied an opportunity to experience scouting.

6. Is it true both boys AND girls can join?

YES, proudly as a Pack we made the decision last year to open our pack to all children. We have seen from many families that join that both boys and girls benefit and enjoy the scouting experience. So please consider signing up your boys and girls! Here they are both welcomed and will get to benefit from the amazing leadership and program that we have established here!

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