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Arrow of Light Ceremony

The Arrow of Light Ceremony is the last event for the oldest scouts in the Pack. The goal for this ceremony is to start these new Scouts BSA members on the trail to Eagle with confidence and resolve, in addition to impressing upon parents and other loved ones the amazing Scouting journey their newly minted Scouts BSA member is beginning. Even if the audience for this ceremony (i.e. the Scout, Cub Scout leaders, siblings, friends, parents, and other family members) knows very little about the Scouts BSA program, they will almost certainly know about the honor and prestige of becoming an Eagle Scout. While there is clearly much more to the Scouts BSA program than completing the requirements to become an Eagle Scout; the goal of this ceremony is to start these newly minted Scouts BSA members enthusiastically on the trail to Eagle with the full support of their family so that they will be receptive to the many life-changing experiences that they can enjoy while continuing as a Scout.

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