Blue and Gold

February marks the birthday of the Boy Scouts of America.  The story goes, American businessman William Boyce was lost in the foggy streets of London when a boy offered to show him the way.  Mr. Boyce wanted to pay the boy but the boy politely refuse.  The boy explained he was a Scout and they do not accept money for good deeds.

Mr. Boyd was intrigued and met with Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scout movement in Great Britain.  Upon returning to the United States, Mr. Boyce incorporated the Boy Scouts of America on February 8, 1910.  Ever since we have celebrated the special day.

The Blue & Gold banquet is our way of celebrating the creation of the Boy Scouts of America.

Every year the Pack selects a different theme. Each den/patrol will be celebrating the event in their own style.  Meaning, think of this event as many different birthday parties all rolled into one (we have many separate groups of Scouts in our Pack).


Each den/patrol will be assigned tables/chairs based on the headcount given to your den leader.  It is critical your den leader receives a number from you before the event.  This is a family event so parents and siblings are welcome to attend.


Many dens have asked about costumes. Yes!! Please have your scouts come in costume.  However, if your den/patrol, or a scout or two, decide not to dress in costume, class A uniforms are required.  If your den/patrol is performing the flag ceremony masks and hats will need to be removed for the ceremony.


Each den/patrol is responsible for their food, decorations, and costumes(if any).  Most dens/patrols will split the cost among their families or start a den/patrol fund where everyone contributes at the beginning of the year.  The ONLY items the Pack is providing is the cost of the venue(a/c), table rentals, and the entertainment.

Dad & Lad Cakes:
This is a fun event for the Scout and a parent to make a mess in the kitchen and see how well their cake does in the auction.  Your cake will not be coming home with you.  If you put LEGOs or other figurines/decorations on your cake they will not be coming home with you.  The money raised during the auction goes towards the Pack for future camp outs, Pack meeting entertainment, rocket launch, Pinewood Derby etc.