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Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby will be taking place Saturday, March 26th at Southfork Chrysler Jeep. Each scout is given a pinewood derby kit to build at home, or with your Den or Pack. Support and tools are available to families who would like assistance completing this project, as the Pack holds at least one Pinewood Derby cut day. After the cars are built and decorated, timed races are conducted at the pack’s Pinewood Derby event.

Additional Pinewood Derby kits can be purchased for scouts with family members who would also like to build and race a car. Yes, dads can build and race their own cars in our “unsanctioned” race!!!

Also please remember that we are a volunteer-run organization and with that said, each individual rank is asked to please help. For the Pinewood Derby, we are asking for Bear families to assist the Cubmaster to set up and run this program. One of the main positions that are needed is a tech-savvy parent to input and run the race program for check-in and the day of the race. The signup genius link is below.

Once again Pack 446 this year’s Pinewood Derby went off, and like before with a couple of hitches, but in the end, we got all our races in. Below is the final standing and runs for each rank. The Pack would like to send a very special thank you to Southfork Jeep as well as all the families that without their help we would not have been able to complete the races this year.

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