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Rocket Launch

Rocket will take place Saturday November 2nd from 1:00 P.M.-5:00 P.M. The different ranks families help run each program, the Rocket launch is traditionally helped run by the Wolf Families. The pack provides a rocket kit to each scout to assemble with his or her parents or den. On launch day, the pack provides launchers and 3 engines for some amazing STEM fun. The pack also offers additional rockets and engines for sale for some sibling fun. Please see the che dile for each rank below.

We ask that if you can please try to stay in your designated time slot, but if not we understand and will try our best to squeeze you in!

Here’s the launch schedule. I’ve split the Wolf Dens to make it easier to volunteer without missing out on your scout’s launch.

1-1:45PM, Lions & Wolf 
1:45-3PM, Tigers & Wolf
3-4PM, Bears
4-5PM, Webelos and AOL

Launch area will be in the field to the east of Silvercrest Elementary. When you arrive to volunteer, please check-in at the engine/prep table with Nate Jones to see where your help is needed.

If you have not assembled your rocket with your den and you don’t know where to start, we’ll we have done some of the legwork and have found some assembly videos of your scout’s rocket.

If you have a Lion Scout here is a link to well explained rocket assembly of the Dragonite:


If you have a Tiger Scout here is a link to a basic & quick rocket assembly of the Star Hopper:

https://Tiger Scout .be/aHynPFIyRp4

If you have a Wolf Scout here is a link to a thorough assembly video of the Alpha III:

If you have a Bear Scout, here is a link to a very helpful rocket assembly video of the Wizard:

Wizard Rocket assembly

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