Rocket Launch

Wolf Dens are responsible for hosting and working the event.

Launch times will be posted closer to the event.

Time slots for each rank (when published) are suggested.  Families are welcome to attend different times if unable to make the suggested time or in the case of siblings in other ranks.

Launch area will be in the field to the east of Silvercrest Elementary.  After check-in, your scout(s) will receive three rocket engines.  Additional engines will be available for purchase.  For quickest check-in and launch, please make sure fall dues are fully paid prior to Rocket Launch..

Rocket Tip: Consider cutting a small hole in the center of the parachute.  Doing so will decrease how far the rocket drifts during descent..

The Wolf rank hosts this event, but if we get plenty of volunteers, the kids will be able to launch more times during the day.  Please consider volunteering if you are able